March 4, 2024

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Does Your Plywood Not Need Maintenance? Think Again

In the earlier days, people used wood to manufacture furniture and as a building material. But now, plywood has become the ultimate choice of the people in the present times. It is because plywood is a cheaper alternative to wood and has better properties compared to it.

Plywood is tough and long-lasting, and it is easy to work on it. While timber products require a lot of maintenance, plywood does not need much attention. However, people take this fact otherwise, and they do not take care of their plywood products. It makes plywood dull, and it cracks easily.

That is why it’s necessary to take care of your plywood products. Here is the list of things you can do to preserve your plywood’s life:

1.      Dusting

Dust gets accumulated on the furniture with time. Companies like plywood manufacture dark-colored plywood on which dust is not visible. This feature is beneficial for people when they do not want their visitors to see dirty furniture.

 However, it is necessary to do the weekly dusting even if the dust is not visible. It is because the dust gets accumulated on the surface and joints. As time passes, the accumulation of dust on furniture becomes more persistent and degrades the texture and quality of plywood.

To do the dusting on your plywood furniture, always opt for soft and dry cloth. It is not advised to use rough clothes on the plywood because it may leave permanent scratches on it, which look ugly. Also, use soft brushes and cotton to remove the unnecessary dirt and other particles accumulated in the furniture joints.

It will not only keep your furniture clean but also preserve its color, texture, and durability.

2.      Staining

It is a common habit of people to spill food, liquid, or any other material on plywood furniture. It may leave permanent stains on the plywood if not treated immediately.

That is why do not let the stain remain on the plywood and remove it as soon as possible. Do not use abrasive chemicals to remove the stains. It may cause permanent damage to the plywood.

To clean the stains on plywood, you can use a homemade solution of lemon and white vinegar to clean it. This solution is safe for the plywood and returns its shine. If you cannot prepare this homemade solution, diluted soap solution also works well.

3.      Protection from the sun rays

The bright sun rays may look pleasant to you, but they are harmful to your plywood and the furniture made from it. The sunlight and its scorching heat dulls the luster of plywood and reduces its aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, keep your plywood furniture away from the impact of direct sunlight. If your plywood furniture is near windows, use curtains to keep it protected from the sun. Also, if you are putting furniture in the garden, keep it under the shade.

Nowadays, companies manufacturing special plywood that is resistant to heat and sunlight. So, if you cannot protect your furniture from the direct effect of the sun, you can consider this plywood for your furniture.

 4.      Protection from water and humidity

Humidity and wet surfaces are the biggest enemies of plywood. These water molecules enter the plywood and destroy it completely. There is a growth of bacteria and moulds in the plywood. The humid conditions are also optimum for the growth of termites and borers, which are another big enemy of plywood.

That’s why you should always protect your furniture from humidity. Always place the furniture in the well-ventilated room, so there is proper airflow in the room. Also, keep noticing the water around your furniture and do not allow it to enter. It will protect your furniture from moisture.

Various companies  manufacture plywood in India with special characteristics like fire-resistant and moisture-resistant plywood. You can purchase such plywood to give more protection and maintenance to your furniture.