June 19, 2024

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casement door

Most people visualize doors only as the means of enhancing the safety and privacy of the interiors of a building. However, doors have become essential in improving the décor of a structure. They transform the space from a dull, boring space into an inviting one. This is true not only for doors installed in residential structures but also for the doors of commercial buildings. 

Casement-style doors are emerging as the most popular option among the different types of doors available for commercial spaces. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits offered by a casement door that make them a perfect choice for commercial buildings. 

Learning More About Casement Doors

Casement doors have a simple construction, with one end of the door panel attached to the frame using hinges. The fixed end acts as a pivot for the door to open either inwards, outwards or even in both directions. The doors can have a single or dual panel, depending on the needs and style preferences of the users. 

Casement doors offered by a renowned UPVC company such as Koemmerling also have a robust frame and sturdy construction. This kind of construction helps in enhancing the life and durability of the doors. Additionally, these doors are especially suitable in a commercial setting where the doors are likely to face rough usage. 

Key Features of Casement Doors

To know more about the growing popularity of casement doors for use in commercial spaces, understanding their features is essential. The features are listed below: 

  1. Easy to operate without a handle or the need to lift the door panels on rollers. 
  2. Robust design that can withstand rough usage common in commercial buildings. 
  3. Available in different designs and styles to match specific user needs and budgets.
  4. 100% recyclable, especially when crafted from materials like UPVC and aluminium. 

Benefits Of Installing Casement Doors

In addition to the above features, casement doors also offer various benefits, which makes the doors a good choice for commercial buildings. Some of them are as follows:

  • Great Durability

The casement doors offered by a leading UPVC company such as Keommerling are crafted from incredibly heavy-duty UPVC material. It is designed to withstand wear and tear or damage caused by constant exposure to various environmental elements. This includes extreme weather conditions, dirt, dust, and moisture. 

Moreover, the doors are generally designed to be corrosion-resistant and termite-proof. All these factors contribute significantly to enhancing the life of the doors. This is often a primary requirement of the fenestration solutions for commercial buildings.

  • Easy And Inexpensive Maintenance Needs

One of the biggest benefits offered by UPVC casement doors is that they are extremely easy to maintain. Wiping down the doors with soapy water once every few days keeps the doors looking new and appealing. Moreover, the doors do not need to be repainted or varnished frequently to maintain their shine. This further helps to bring down maintenance costs. Even with such minimal maintenance needs, the doors have a long life ensuring good value for money for the users. 

  • Improved Ventilation 

Proper ventilation is one of the key challenges in commercial buildings and one that can be resolved by installing casement doors. Opening the doors completely ensures a good inflow of air which helps to keep the interiors fresh and hygienic. The open doors create an unhindered aperture for air and natural light to penetrate and circulate effectively within the building’s interiors. 

  • Security and Safety

Ensuring the security of the building is a primary concern for most commercial establishments. Installing a casement door helps to put the worries of such property owners to rest, given the sturdy structure of the doors. Moreover, the doors offered by renowned manufacturers such as Koemmerling include elaborate safety features like multi-point locking systems and galvanized steel reinforcements. These features further enhance the safety of commercial buildings. Additionally, the UPVC casement doors are also designed to be fire-resistant, making them a great choice for commercial buildings. 

Final Thoughts 

The UPVC casement doors are not only aesthetically appealing and commercially viable but also extremely strong and long-lasting. These factors make UPVC casement doors a success in commercial spaces. As per the fenestration experts, these doors are a great addition to commercial buildings due to their greater durability and easy maintenance etc.