April 21, 2024

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Data Center Structured Cabling Market Growth, Sales Revenue, Competitive Landscape, Market Expansion Strategies and Forecast 2020-2030

Market Overview

The global data center structured cabling market size is expected to rise up to 6.72 Billion by the end of the present forecast years. The growth rate is recorded at a CAGR of 12.32%.

The demand for data center structured cabling is increasing due to the rising implementation of high bandwidth from that of high-speed connectivity devices and systems. The COVID 19 pandemic did show its impact upon diverse industries, and the data center structured cabling market is not any exception. Data centers did experience a heavy usage surge during the pandemic lockdown, as the demand for binge-watching over television increased. Apart from that, e-learning, remote working, and other such activities are also picking up the utilization scale.

Several industries such as IT, telecommunications, automotive, manufacturing, and others are also adapting the byproducts of the data center structured cabling industry. All of the key players or companies within the market are adapting productive measures in order to support those who are in need of urgent connectivity services or cabling at the time of crisis. It has turned out to be the lifeline for office workers and remote working professionals. COVID pandemic also pushed the use of fiber optic cables in order to streamline the connectivity aspects for people who are working from home.

The health care sector is also utilizing this potential of high connectivity and is now running across its dedicated infrastructures. The report focuses on the overall data center structured cabling market growth, depending upon the analysis of market drivers, market restraints, market segmentation, and other related aspects. The data center structured cabling market size was higher in the previous forecast period, but with the pandemic, the demands have multiplied exponentially. Therefore, the collective revenue is expected to be higher in the present forecast years.

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Competitive Landscape

The key players of the data centre structured cabling market are

R&M, Nexans S.A., Furukawa Electric Co, Legrand, Belden, Inc, Schneider Electric, CommScope, Panduit Corp, Corning Inc, Siemon

Market Segmentation

Based on the wire category segmentation, the global data center structured cabling market is categorized into different types of wires. The wires include Category 7, Category 6A, Category 6, and Category 5E.

Based on the product type segmentation, the global data center structured cabling market analysis is classified into copper wire products and fiber optics products—the fiber optic segment experienced massive growth in the previous year.

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Regional Analysis

The global data center structured cabling market share is widely collected from sales across diverse parts of the world. The performing regions include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other parts of the world. North America is expected to generate the highest data center structured cabling market share, and Europe will hold onto the second position. It is because the demand and supply rate is higher in both of these regions, as of present forecast years