February 28, 2024

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Custom Embroidery Digitizing – How The Things Work?

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Automated textile machine

Custom embroidery digitizing! To what extent are you familiar with this process? It is a process in which you have to transform the logo or design into a digital embroidery file that will be read by the computerized embroidery machine. The overall process will be assisting in getting the best quality stitching and it is an essential process that exists in the embroidery industry.

In the process, one of the key roles is played by an experienced digitizer who should have a good understanding of complexities regarding the thread type, fabrics, and embroidery machine. The expert will be developing a custom embroidery file that will be giving new life to your designs. Note that the design under consideration can be used for any purpose like a sports team, corporate branding, or any of the individual projects.

Selecting a custom embroidery digitizing service is not an easy task as you will have to consider many factors. In the following blog, we are going to take a look at the steps and the factors to consider when picking a company:

Custom Embroidery Digitizing Process

There are different steps that are part of the custom embroidery digitizing service offered by the companies. The breakdown of the steps is as follows:

1- Image/design selection is a must! The image or design picked for work can be a photograph, artwork, or even a logo.

2- Later, the image has to be converted into a digital file that will be compatible with the embroidery machine. Here compatibility means that it will be read by only a specific machine used for working depending on the requirements.

3- Once the digital file is converted, you have to move to the step of digitizing. It will be involving the breakdown of the image into an individual stitch and developing a stitch file that will be read by the embroidery machine. A competent digitizer is going to different factors like thread, fabric type, and the direction of stitch to ensure the best quality final product.

4- Now, coming to the testing step where the identification of issues like thread breakage or uneven stitching is done to fix them before the delivery to the customers.

5- Lastly, fixing all the issues and doing all the essential adjustments, the file is ready to be delivered to valuable customers. After that, if still customers need any edits, most companies can do it for free if changes are minor but if major edits are required, customers have to pay some additional charges.

Key Factors To Consider For Hiring A Company

Wondering, what essential factors to keep in mind when you are going to hire a company for the custom embroidery digitizing service:


Experience really matters as it is not an easy process and not every person can perform it. The company you are going to hire should have years of experience. If you hire an inexperienced company, you will get low-quality service with many problems like delays and much more. Furthermore, it is better to check the work quality of their previous work on their website under the portfolio page or social media. If they don’t have uploaded it, you can ask directly to make a better decision.

Updated Technology

The next very essential consideration to keep in mind is the use of the latest technology for the work. Technology is evolving day by day and it is streamlining things in various ways. If the company you are selecting is not using the latest software then there is no way that you can compete with the market standards in term of quality.

Turnaround Time

Don’t forget about the turnaround time. Some companies promise a same-day delivery and some will say a day or two but this decision is going to be made on the complexity of the design when you approach a company. But it is better to talk about this to avoid any issues later.

Custom Support

Good customer support is the key element of a great service offered by a company. A company that provides you with custom embroidery digitizing or any service, should have a trained team for customer support. Some of the companies are offering 24/7 support to their customers to answer their queries regarding edits, order placement, pricing, or any other relevant queries in their minds.

Get in touch with a competent company for custom embroidery digitizing service by considering the above points. Don’t compromise on the quality by selecting an inexperienced company as they offer low rates for the work to attract customers. To get the best quality, don’t hesitate to pay a little above your budget.