May 21, 2024

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Are you an enthusiast about keeping music records or have a profound interest in movies and want to keep them in old-school ways which are in a CD or DVD? Or deal in the shipment of these discs. Then you must have known the soul-crushing feeling when even a single scratch gets to the disc. It is not new that things get damaged while transportation especially such sensitive items. 

Therefore, to protect such discs you can use a CD bubble mailer. These bubble mailers help in efficiently shipping your CDs to their destination without any harm done in the transit process. 

What is a CD Bubble Mailer?

It is an envelope designed in such a way that the inner layer of the envelope is covered with bubble wrap which provides a cushioned surface to the item being placed within the envelope. However, you can always choose the right bubble mailer depending on the item that has to be shipped. More the fragility of the item opts for a bubble mailer having large bubbles. 

So, while your parcel is getting tossed and dropped, rest assured the item will be safe due to the bubble wrap layering keeping the item within a safe surface. The bubbles shield the discs from any shock due to physical movement. Moreover, these envelopes are water resistant as well, giving extra protection to the shipment in extreme weather conditions. 

Benefits of CD Bubble Mailer 

There are several benefits to bubble mailers and that’s why they are preferred by many. Here are the benefits of  using it:


If you are looking for a pocket-friendly way to protect your fragile items that have to be shipped then bubble mailer is the solution. So, rather than opting for specialized cd cases and hard cases, you can simply go with a bubble mailer. 

Easy to use

They are just easy to use. All you have to do is open them put the item into the envelope and seal it, there you are done with the packaging. The sealing comes with an adhesive strip that keeps the item locked within the envelope while in transit. 


These envelopes are durable as they are made from high-quality material. The cushioned surface can protect the discs for a longer time period which is ideal for transporting. 


Instead of using cardboard boxes or CD cases or hard cases which weigh a lot and simultaneously make it harder for shipping, use a bubble mailer. They are quite flexible to use and lightweight. Lesser the weight, the lesser the cost of shipping. 


Before finalizing a CD bubble mailer look out for the dimensions of the envelope according to the size of the disc so that it can easily fit inside the scraper without putting much pressure on the inner bubble wrap surface. Moreover, these bubble mailers are mostly made from biodegradable materials causing less harm to the environment and can be further recycled, making it the most convenient method of shipping.