February 22, 2024

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Bitlife MOD APK Latest Version For Android

bitlife mod apk

BitLife Mod APK simulates human life. You can transform into any gender you choose and experience milestones in your life. Do you want to reach a milestone in your life? Are you looking to get a glimpse into the thoughts and personality of someone else? You can have all the experiences you desire with BitLife MOD APK. The story will be told by all the answers and choices made in the app.


The adult journey will be the same as when you were an infant. Press the plus sign to activate the age-increase function to accelerate your age. You will reach the new age milestone if you have many new events, such as friends, love and work. When you reach 100, it is time to choose your age.

Interessant METRICS

Every age will bring you a change in your mood and knowledge. The index measures your moods and emotions. It includes the things that happen in your life that make you happy, sad or happy, satisfied, angry, frustrated, and even mad. Your mood is measured through every milestone in your life. Your happiness index increases to the highest level when you reach 18 and are paired up with someone you love.


You will have mysterious characters accompanying you as you journey through adulthood. They will appear at every milestone in life. Based on your selections, the appearance of your relatives, friends and lovers will depend on your criteria. Your mood index is affected by the appearance of characters. Will you have a happy family and stable employment? A great lover? Your criteria will determine your ability to make the right choice. It is up to you to investigate and connect with negative relationships in order to discover the story behind them so you can predict if they are actually causing you problems. If you are a friend of a robber, the system can provide you with all information about the bad guy, warn you of his danger, and then give you evidence when you deliver. Save your money and make friends with the bad guys.


The application combines all life events, including study, work, relationships, breakups, and watching movies. You also have the opportunity to experience new topics, like pregnancy, childbirth, or divorce. You also feel that the application will allow you to grow because of large decisions you never had the chance to make and many more interesting facts that will stimulate curiosity. Your break.

Surprisingly Accurate Information

The app offers a wide range of information for all your milestones. You will love reading the information about each age group. What interesting things would you like your 17-year-old, 25-year-old, or 60-year-old to find?


Graphics in games are largely related to the content. To make each game more appealing and unique, application graphics have included super cute and humorous effects and drawings. The cuteness of a newborn baby can be seen, as well as the beauty and masculinity of a male, and even a combination of both. The graphics show drawings of characters that appear in your life. Each character design stroke is not less interesting.