March 4, 2024

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Bitfinder premium security for your system and other versions

Bitfinder premium security for your system and other versions

Bitdefender is a renowned antivirus software maker in the market. It innovative products are highly popular among the target audience. Its products include useful features related to cyber security. Moreover the products are never very costly like that of other makers. It exhibits excellent malware detection rate. Its engine is based on cloud technology. As a result its scans never prove to be heavy on the resources of any given system. When Bitdefender plans are concerned, there are three distinct tiers. The Antivirus Plus plan is most suitable for regular users. There are two other plans too – namely the Internet Security and Total Security. Both these plans are much better the Antivirus Plus in terms of bolstering your cyber security. Both the plans cover almost every security feature that you may need.

The plans come with a 30-day money back offer. As a reliable antivirus maker the brand still has sufficient room to grow. For example – its VPN tool is quite limited when functionality matters. In the following sections of the blog post let us go on a review of Bitdefender antivirus. Let us explore the features as well as protection capabilities. We will also cover practical working experience with these products. We sincerely hope this effort arms you the right information. Thus taking the right decision about Bitdefender premium security will not be difficult for you anymore.

Pros and cons of Bitdefender

First let us start with the pros that the product offers.

  • Free version that does not cost you money
  • Automatically installs the system updates that are necessary
  • Even webcams and microphones are protected
  • Highly efficient in detecting malware
  • Every paid or premium version has a built-in VPN
  • Extensive customer support provided on every edition
  • You find a password manager in ever premium edition
  • Flexible product and can adapt to your hardware specifications pretty easily
  • Based on Global Protective Network
  • Multi layered protection against ransomware
  • As already mentioned above, 30-day trial offer with money back guarantee on every paid plan

Now let us explore the cons.

  • Support for Mac OS is only available on paid plans
  • Restricted VPN capabilities
  • As such the iOS app is far from impressive

Bitdefender and the aspect of online safety

By and large Bitdefender is a safe antimalware application. It is a prominent antivirus software application. It has immense recognition in the market over the years. Seasoned computer users do not need any introduction of Bitdefender to say the least. Let us now look at the latest virus detection rate of this antimalware app. During the testing between November and December 2022 it blocked 100% of threats. The threats included malware and viruses that were both zero day and four weeks old.


The security features

Bitdefender uses the same malware database for both its free and paid versions to identify potential threats. Therefore irrespective of the edition you choose you get the same superb level of malware removal service from Bitdefender. But, it is important to note, there are other subscription benefits that are worth considering.

Few essential features of the product include the following –

  • Scanning for viruses – There are different scanning options ranging from quick to thorough scans. You select an option depending upon your need and convenience.
  • Anti tracker – This is a web extension that prevents malicious scripts from accessing your data.
  • VPN – This tool prevents collection of your data and also provides you with digital protection.
  • Real time protection – This is an effective security measure that arrests threats before they get the chance to get into your computer system.
  • Password manager – This security tool safely keeps all your passwords in one place.

Scanning for viruses

Bitdefender comes with an efficient and reliable virus scanner. The scanner is based on both malware directory and machine learning. As a result it can efficiently detect both known and unknown threats. Scanning is performed in the cloud. Thus your system suffers minimal impact. Users have to choose from four types of scanning options, namely Quick, System, Vulnerability and Custom scans.

  • Quick scan – This option scans the device locations where viruses are usually found. To scan around 4,000 files it takes about 3 minutes and a half. This scanning option can hardly identify zero day threats. But that is with almost any other antivirus application suite. Quick scanning option is meant more for identifying known malware or malicious applications.
  • System scan – This option scans your entire system to identify malware threats. Scanning about 164,000 files it takes about 24 minutes. This option even identifies 9 out of 10 zero day threats, which is marvellous performance. Thus it is safe to conclude it provides reliable and foolproof protection to your device.

Now let us discuss the two more scanning options that Bitdefender offers.

  • Vulnerability scan – This scanning option lasts for five minutes flat. It actually checks your device for vulnerabilities. This scanning includes checking for Windows updates, outdated drives or applications, weak passwords and others. If you do not update your system manually then this option proves helpful. The scanning option also detects any change to your system. It also informs about the same when there is a security breach and taking additional measures become crucial.
  • Custom scan – This scan option only scans particular locations of your system. If you perceive a threat residing at a specific location you can use this option to scan that location. By virtue of this option you can even schedule scans for you machine.

To sum up everything in simple words it is better to say that the Bitfinder Virus scanner is a reliable and efficient tool to safeguard your cyber security. The tool is fast, efficient and thorough in performing its task. Moreover unlike other antivirus applications it does not slow your machine down.

Experts at the Softwareland explain the real time protection feature that Bitfinder offers is called Bitfinder Shield. This feature ensures your online security by constantly scanning all the files you have downloaded for potential threats. When a threat is diagnosed either it is placed in quarantine or it is deleted.