February 28, 2024

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Best online social media video downloader tools

There are several social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and further platforms. Most people spend much of their time on different social media platforms to browse the trending videos, text or chat with others, or to know the updates about others. 

We are going to discuss about the social media platforms what it displays to people in the timeline. As you may know, Instagram displays the trending posts on timeline based on your search or saved posts. But it doesn’t have the option to download the video or images.  

Twitter is a social media platform in which the users browse the trending news by using hashtags or enter the words in search engine. People express their opinions by tweeting on the post and can also reply to the tweet or react to the tweet. There are many videos, images, or GIFs are found on twitter but it also doesn’t have option to download them. 

Many people use YouTube platform to watch videos and this platform has many channels with several subscribers. You can watch the videos on it but it doesn’t have the facility to download the videos permanently in your device. It provides the download option to watch offline but the videos may not be in high-quality and are not saved in the device. 

Moreover, there are many other platforms that don’t facilitate their users to download their favorite videos directly to the internal storage of device. 

A lot of videos are circulated on the social media that are in trend and most watched by people. When you browse social media you come across funny videos, informative videos that you want to download to save them permanently. 

Following are the social media video downloader tools that make the downloading easier. 

Twitter Video Download 

Twitter Video Download is a free online twitter video downloading tool that is perfect to use when you want to download twitter videos and GIFs. It is developed with the technology that scans the video address or GIF address and provides a twitter video or twitter GIF for download. 

For downloading the twitter videos, you have to copy the video address from Twitter official website or app. Paste the copied video address into the input box of twitter video download and click the download symbol button. After that, a twitter video or GIF will appear with different video resolutions and download buttons. Play the video before downloading it to ensure it is the right video. Click one of the Download as per the video quality you want.  

4k Video Downloader 

4k Video Downloader allows users to download videos from different websites such as Youtube, flickr, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and further platforms. 

You can download the videos in different formats such as MP4, FLV, and MKV. To download the videos, you just have to paste the copied URL in the 4k video downloader. Download the videos in high-quality resolutions such as 720px, 1080px, 4k, and 8k. Remember that the videos can be downloaded in the quality as it was uploaded. 

It also downloads the watch later, liked videos, playlists, channels and more of Youtube in high quality audio and video. 

All in One Downloader 

All in one downloader can be used to download videos from different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, tumblr, vimeo, and other platforms.  

To save the social media videos, you just have to paste the copied link in its input box and click the download symbol button. It can download videos in multiple formats such as 3GP, MP4, M4A and you can also download images such as GIF, PNG, and JPG. 


Y2Mate can be used to download videos from platforms such as Youtube, dailymotion, and other platforms. It is a free online video downloader that downloads the videos in different resolutions such as 360px, 480px, 720px, and 1080px.  

Download the videos by copying the video URL and paste it in the given input box then click the button or press the Enter button from keyboard, select the video resolution you want and click the green Download button. 

FastSave for Instagram 

Fastsave for Instagram helps the users to download the videos and photos from Instagram. You can download the video posts, photo posts, stories, and IGTV videos from Instagram easily. 

To save the Instagram posts you have to copy the post link and paste it in the input box then click download button. 

It supports different platforms such as dailymotion, Pinterest, vimeo, sharechat, Tumblr, and further. To use this application you have to download it from play store for android devices or apple store for iOS. 

Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader is a web-based tool that allows users to download videos from Pinterest. It is a free tool that can be used by anyone with an internet connection. The tool is designed to make it easy for users to download Pinterest videos in just one click.

Overview of Blog 

Now downloading of videos from social media has become easier by using the above mentioned tools. With this blog, you will come to know how the videos of social media platforms are downloaded quickly. Make collections of your favourite videos, photos, and GIFs in your devices.