February 28, 2024

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Best Camera Mobile Phones In India

Best Camera Mobile Phones In India

Best Camera Mobile Phones In India

Are you looking for the best camera mobile phones available in India to meet your photographic needs? We have compiled a list of the best camera mobile phones in India. Continue reading to locate your favorite device. The best camera phones in India, including both Apple and Android models, are included in the list below. Our choice for the best smartphone camera may not be the best in every category, but when everything is considered it will be the great overall choice.


When selecting the best camera phone in India you have to determine what type of photos you want to take. If you want to get images of wildlife or other distant subjects, a telephoto lens is essential, while a good ultra-wide lens is your best friend for doing landscape photo shoots.
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List of top 5 Camera Mobile Phones In India

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1. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of the best camera mobile phones in the world, with excellent cameras, that is, a 1.9-megapixel primary sensor with huge 48 mm pixels, 12MP f/1.8 ultra-wide, and 12MP f/2.8 telephoto, with 3x optical zoom capabilities. Despite not having as much lens or as much optical zoom as some of the other phones on our list, the phone’s camera setup performs great. Despite the lack of a dedicated macro lens, the smartphone is also capable of taking ultra close-up shots. Although iPhones are recognized for their stable and intuitive videos, which we found particularly impressive in our tests, the iPhone 14 Pro Max should be able to take any type of photo. 


  • Apple A16 BionicHexa Core
  • Display- 6.7 inches460 ppi, OLED
  • Camera- Triple, 48MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • Battery- 4323 mAh, Li-ion Wireless ChargingFast, 20W

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Samsung’s latest high-end phone, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, is incredibly powerful both in terms of its camera and most of its feature set. It is considered among the best camera phones in India. Although it appears to be the same camera setup as the Samsung S21 Ultra, it is a better choice for photographers, thanks to several new modes and improved specifications in other areas. Its versatility for a clearly defined reason we found this Galaxy mobile phone excellent for mobile photography. You can count on the S22 ultra whether you want to take a detailed image of a wide view, get closer for an incredible-looking portrait shot, or zoom out far for a zoom shot. 


  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen
  • Display- 6.8 inches501 ppi, AMOLED1440 x 3088 pixels
  • Camera- Quad, 108MP + 12MP + 10MP + 10MP
  • Battery- 5000 mAh, Li-ion Wireless ChargingFast, 45W

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3. OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

One of the best camera phones in India in 2023 has been the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G, mainly because of its second-generation Hasselblad camera. In total, three cameras have been used, with the primary lens being 48 megapixels and the telephoto lens being 8 megapixels. The third camera is a new 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor with a field of Vision four times wider than that of competing smartphones.


  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 
  • Display- 6.8 inches501 ppi, AMOLED
  • Camera- Quad, 108MP + 12MP + 10MP + 10MP
  • Battery- 5000 mAh, Li-ion Wireless ChargingFast, 45W

4. Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G

Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G needs to have one of the best camera phones in India. With its three 50-megapixel cameras, including the primary IMX707 sensor, it can capture images of high quality. A picture with a magnificently shallow depth of field is the product of a large sensor. Each of the three cameras on the back has a resolution of around 50mp, so you won’t have to sacrifice image quality when using zoom lenses or ultra-wide angles. Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G has excellent camera sensors, but also other features.


  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 
  • Display- 6.73 inches521 ppi, AMOLED
  • Camera- Triple, 50MP + 50MP + 50MP
  • Battery- 4600 mAh, 
  • ChargingHyper, v4.0, 120W


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5. Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro is Google’s entry into the Indian market for photography enthusiasts. The Google Pixel 7 Pro has a massive 50-megapixel main camera sensor that captures light better than the sensors of most other handsets, as well as powerful telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. These three cameras work together like a dream team.


  • Processor- Google Tensor G2Octa core 
  • Display- 6.7 inches513 ppi, AMOLED
  • Camera- Triple, 50MP + 12MP + 48MP
  • Battery- 5000 mAh, Li-ionWireless
  •  ChargingFast, 30W

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