June 20, 2024

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Best Blogs to Read for SEO

SEO blogs are one of the most useful resources you can get your hands on, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced expert. SEO blogs are run or subscribed to by professionals, businesses, and agencies alike to stay up to date on industry news, cutting-edge techniques, and more

In addition to a few metrics culled from our Domain Overview tool, we’ve listed our picks for the best SEO blogs to read in 2023. There is something here for every interest and skill level. Get looking!

  1. SEO Blog by StudioHawk

This SEO blog, which has won awards, aims to help beginners understand SEO. Although they specifically target business owners, SEO professionals can also peruse the blog for inspiration and industry news.

Studiohawk covers a wide range of SEO topics, such as website fundamentals, content creation, and technical SEO. If you want a straightforward, step-by-step method for learning SEO, give them a read.

    2.Blog Mangools

Mangools writes on their blog for people who are new to SEO and for small businesses who want to make a website that is good for SEO. Backlinks, on-page SEO, posts about search engines, and more are all on the agenda.

Readers are able to explore SEO with confidence because each post is accessible and written in straightforward language.


Brian Dignitary’s Backlinko blog is well known among Website design enhancement experts and computerised advertisers the same — however their interest group is that anyone with any interest in working on their unique Search engine optimization with content creation and backlinking.

There are numerous articles on creating SEO-friendly content, including blog posts, videos, and email marketing, as expected. In 2021, you’ll also find comprehensive guides for creating a backlinking strategy. Brain adds vibrant graphics and infographics to his posts, which are simple to share and save.


The subject matter of this website is obvious from the domain name alone. The blog of SEO.com promises real results with content from reputable experts. The blog provides well-researched responses to common inquiries like “Why isn’t My Website Ranking?” for novices. or “What exactly is an SEO Specialist?”

Complete openness: Although there have been a few recent posts for 2021, SEO.com does not appear to be updating as frequently as it once did. Nevertheless, we believe that the blog contains numerous resources on its pages and suggest giving it a try.

Add these blogs to your rotation once you’ve mastered the fundamentals for advanced SEO knowledge and techniques.

      5.Blog by Onely

Onely is known for removing “ultimate guides,” but don’t be afraid: guides are composed and intended for novice to halfway even out experts. Their Ultimate Guide to SEO Indexing is packed with practical strategies that every SEO professional can try out for a new SEO strategy.

The readers of Onely’s blog are small and medium-sized business owners looking to increase their organic traffic. If you have a team or professional in marketing on staff, even better. You can easily follow Onely’s guides regardless of your resources.

      6.Blog of Yoast SEO

Yoast is most likely a name you’ve heard of if you’ve ever worked with WordPress. They are most well-known for the features of their SEO plugins and the numerous user-friendly resources they offer for their products.

This SEO blog bridges the gap between basic SEO concepts and more advanced ones. Their pages of insights, data studies, and industry news will be of use to professionals of all skill levels.

Even though WordPress designers and CMS users make up a significant portion of Yoast’s readership, anyone can still follow along.

       7.Land of Search Engines

In the SEO industry, Search Engine Land is a reliable news source best known for keeping readers informed about algorithms and industry changes that could affect their websites. You can learn about the most recent SEO strategies on this website, which you can apply to your blog or website.

Because you won’t be able to understand their content if you don’t know some SEO jargon, it’s not particularly suitable for beginners.

       8.Journal of Search Engines

For professionals in digital marketing, Search Engine Journal functions more like a tracker for the industry. The website covers a wide range of SEO topics, so you’ll find something for everyone.

Similar to Search Engine Land, the style of writing used in Search Engine Journal is best suited for digital marketers and experienced SEO professionals. For instance, the effect of an algorithm update won’t always be explained in posts. Still, novices can check the website for news and insights into more complex subjects. 

      9.Roundtable on Search Engines

The Search Engine Roundtable functions similarly to the previous two entries. It mostly talks about new SEO trends, updates from Google, and changes to the SERPs.

For intermediate digital and SEO marketers, web administrators, and anyone working on their site’s technical SEO, this blog is a great casual read.

      10.TL;DR: SEO Blog — Marketing

Saijo George, a specialist in the field, is the curator of TLDR Marketing (Too Long Didn’t Read), a blog where he breaks down the most recent SEO news and important updates into digestible blog posts.

Although simplifying SEO in this manner makes it simple to understand for novices, applying the insights to your strategy may require additional knowledge. Before adding this blog to their reading list, novices should be familiar with some basic SEO terms and strategies. However, George and the team will compile their updates into a newsletter whenever you are ready.

      11.Aleyda Solis runs a SEO blog

SEO consultant Aleyda Solis is well-known worldwide. On SEO and the industry that is related, she posts news, up-to-date advice, and more on her blog.

Additionally, she provides useful spreadsheets, templates, and other resources to assist you in developing and tracking your SEO campaigns. The wealth of information Solis provides is beneficial to SEO marketers as well as technical SEO professionals.

     12.Bill Slawski’s SEO by the Sea

Bill Slawski, Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital, is in charge of SEO by the Sea, a well-known SEO blog with insightful and useful updates.

Bill writes frequently about whitepapers and more technical search engine resources, as well as the most recent SEO news and patents. For more in-depth technical insights into SEO and search engine algorithms, he is an excellent choice.

Key Takeaways:-

  • SEO professionals and business owners of all skill levels can find plenty of blogs to read.
  • We recommend subscribing whenever possible. 
  • Keeping up with content delivered to your inbox is easier.

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