February 21, 2024

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Best Anarkali Bridal Dresses for Brides

Indian Wedding Dresses

When it comes to bridal dresses, many brides tend to choose bridal lehengas or sarees. In this process they forget that Indian wedding dresses are in huge varieties and are versatile in nature. Apart from lehengas and sarees, they can also opt for outfits that are unique, sophisticated, versatile and sustainable. Anarkali bridal dresses are one such outfit which you can choose for your wedding and these outfits will definitely give you a mesmerising look. In fact, many brides these days prefer to choose those bridal outfits that are unique and can create a new trend. You must have seen celebrities choosing unique designs of bridal outfits for their wedding which further become a trend. If you want to be a trendsetter, you can give the Anarkali bridal dresses a thought.

In this article we shall be looking at the best Anarkali bridal dresses which you can choose for your wedding. You can purchase them online as well from the best online stores available. Like A Diva, for instance, is an online store in the UK where you will get different types of ethnic dresses for different functions, events and festivals. Anarkali dresses are available in different styles and designs and have evolved a lot with time. The history of this outfit dates back to the Mughal era and since then, it is one of the most favourite outfits of every Indian woman.

Let us now have a look at some of the best Anarkali bridal dresses that you can wear as a bride.

Peach and Fuchsia Pink Floor Length Anarkali Suit

Peach and fuchsia pink outfit will be a great combination for a bridal entry and if the outfit is an Anarkali dress, it is definitely going to enhance your look and beauty for the wedding. Since you will be wearing it for your D Day, make sure that you are choosing an Anarkali outfit with some intricate designs and embellishments. This will further enhance your charm and charisma. An Anarkali bridal dress in the above-mentioned colour combination in jacquard fabric and embroidery work is something that will definitely give you a unique and elegant look. And if it comes with zari and butii work, along with other designs and styles, you are definitely going to be a trendsetter. It is a perfect outfit for the brides and instead of choosing for a bridal lehenga or a bridal saree, you can go for a bridal Anarkali gown.

Anarkali Suits

Intricate Floor Length Anarkali Suit in Coffee Beige Colour

When it is an Indian wedding, everyone expects the bride to wear something in red or maroon or any other shades in these two colours. Modern brides however, have ditched this tradition and are now opting for wedding outfits that are in different bright and pastel colours, such as, coffee beige, dusky mauve, seafoam green, icy blue and so on. What it means is that you do not need to surrender yourself to the tradition of wearing a red outfit to your wedding. You can opt for a subtle and soft colour or a bright colour of your choice apart from red and maroon.

Do not worry about the look, you will still get an amazing bridal look and in fact you will look more regal and majestic in an Anarkali gown in coffee beige colour or any other colour similar to it. Make sure that the outfit comes with intricate and exquisite designs, such as, sequins detailing, zari work, embroidery work and so on. And if it is full sleeved and those sleeves are also intricately designed, be assured that you are going to get a unique bridal look for yourself.

Ethnic Dresses

Maroon Velvet Embroidered Anarkali Gown with Skirt

Although many brides prefer to wear soft and subtle colours bridal attire these days, however, there are still many who choose to wear a bridal attire in either red or maroon. If you want a floor length Anarkali suit but are a fan of lehengas as well, you can create your own design by having a floor length Anarkali gown with front slit and a skirt for your wedding. If you want a red or a maroon outfit for your wedding, you can choose a velvet embroidered Anarkali gown with a skirt either in red or maroon. This combination itself proves that Anarkali suits are versatile and no other outfits can reach this versatility.

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