June 15, 2024

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Benefits and Features of Using Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies

You might be searching for a Heavy Equipment Shipping company if you recently invested in new heavy machinery for your business or industrial project.

Pilot vehicles, oversized hauling machinery, and special licenses are needed for wide cargo and oversized transports. Experienced heavy equipment shipping companies must be able to help, and their workers must have the necessary permits. The rules for shipping heavy machinery vary from state to state, so the transit firm you choose must be qualified to handle the shipment.

You can read more below about the different kinds of heavy machinery, some essential details you’ll need to get a quote and some advice on handling the heavy machinery shipment process.

How Are Big Machines Transported?

Qualified professional Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies must only transport heavy cargo and oversized tools because doing so is hazardous. Before they can transport the machinery, they must submit a permit application.

Your heavy equipment transport company should be able to provide door-to-door service for various freight shipping choices if you want to receive genuinely outstanding customer service. In addition, this will free up your time so you can focus on other, more crucial aspects of your business.


Although “heavy equipment” can be used in many different contexts, it typically refers to significant machinery or equipment weighing at least 40,000 pounds. Because of its size and weight, heavy machinery is frequently lifted and unloaded by a crane if it cannot be pulled onto or off the vehicle. These packages are often oversized or overweight, necessitating licenses, guards, route surveys, and a knowledgeable vehicle carrier with speciality trailers to move your equipment securely and efficiently.

Transporting Heavy Equipment Costs

There needs to be a set price for transporting heavy machinery relevant to everyone. The main elements that affect your ultimate price are height, weight, and distance. Long-distance heavy equipment and truck transport rates range from $0,80 per mile to $30 per mile, based on the dimensions, weight, and other technical factors like verifying the oversize and overweight permits. Heavy equipment and truck transport rates range from a fixed fee of $200 to a minimum of $0,80 per mile.

*The numbers stated above are estimates;  The prices differ significantly depending on other elements like the time of year or the kind of equipment you are shipping.


A straightforward flatbed should be adequate for most requirements involving the transportation of large machinery. Flatbeds come in various dimensions and weight capabilities, make lifting and unloading simple, and have a carrying capacity of up to 48,000 pounds. Make sure the vehicle can carry the weight of your equipment when selecting a flatbed transporter and that you have the tools needed to load and remove it.

For oversized or very hefty machinery, you may need a dedicated trailer. Step deck and double drop trucks can lift and move higher or heavier goods. Special permits are required if your machinery necessitates a specialized trailer. Consult with your transportation supplier to ensure that all required licenses and unique factors are met.


For oversized or very hefty machinery, you may need a dedicated trailer. Step deck and double drop trucks can lift and move higher or heavier goods. Special permits are required if your machinery necessitates a specialized trailer. Consult with your transportation supplier to ensure all necessary licenses and unique factors are met.


A few choices are available to you when shipping your extensive tools abroad. Roll-on/Roll-off trucks are the most popular type of transportation for large machinery. (RO-RO). Ramps are used to move your goods onto and off the transit vessel. A rectangular rack receptacle is an additional choice. An equivalent of a flatbed vehicle is a flat rack. The flat rack is filled with your heavy tools before being carried onto the cargo vessel. Up to 88,000 pounds of tools can be stored on these platforms.

Your equipment might need to be disassembled before sending and then reassembled upon arrival for some foreign orders. When shipping your equipment abroad, you must organize conveyance to the warehouse or port where your equipment will depart from.

Modes of Heavy Equipment Transportation

The method of shipment you use affects whether you’re shipping agricultural machinery, building equipment, or just an oversized vehicle. Depending on your freight requirements, you might choose RGN (Removable Gooseneck Trailers) trailers, Step Deck trailers, or flatbed trailers for your equipment delivery.

Trailers RGN

The RGN’s construction allows for the front section to be detached, which allows the carriage to be lowered to the ground. Additionally, it offers the chance to install as many wheels as required. In other words, putting additional axles to the side or back of the trailer is not an issue.

Step-Deck Trailers

Step-deck trailers are the most beneficial in terms of tool variety. The height allowance provided by this vehicle is one of the contributing factors. In addition, its design facilitates the transport of more oversized cargo by making it simpler to load and place huge equipment items.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are advantageous to the trucking business because they can transport the largest and heaviest proper amounts of freight. In addition, due to its construction, heavy equipment can be loaded onto its tip, sides, and back. As a result, tons of cargo are transported daily on trailer vehicles throughout the United States.

Transporting Heavy Equipment Costs

The price of this kind of transaction may vary depending on several variables. The equipment, transportation method, and distance affect the price of moving heavy machinery. The cost will increase as the merchandise gets heavier and more expensive. Extra permits, load help, and required pilot vehicles are possible additional variables that can affect the cost of transit.

However, you can always contact the shipping company to request quotes. Then, after making a fair comparison, pick the most practical choice for you. But remember that choosing a transport business shouldn’t be based on expense.


Transporting large machinery has the potential to be a challenging procedure. Please think about working with an auto shipment business if you’re looking for a service that can help you streamline your shipping while saving you time and worry.

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