July 25, 2024

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How To Age Gracefully? | Yoga Facelift Exercises To Add To Your Routine!

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Age or ageing is a controversial topic for many people. While we are kids, we cannot wait to grow up and become adults; once we’re adults, we spend our years busy focusing on our studies, career, and family and forget about age at all. Once we hit our late thirties and forties, then we begin to realise and remember that we’re ageing. A little joint pain here and there, a new little wrinkle, or our very first white hair wakes us up to the fact that our numbers are increasing. Sometimes this can be disheartening or even depressing, but there is no need to go down that road. This is a natural process, and the sooner we accept that, the easier it will be to handle all the changes that will be happening in our bodies and our look. 

While we can make many lifestyle changes to improve our physical and mental health so that we can read old age safely in the best health, we can also use Yoga Facelift Exercises to improve our facial and neck skin. It would, without a doubt, be lovely to discuss everything about ageing and how to do it gracefully; there’s only so much we can cover at a time. So our focus today is all about Yoga For Facelift! 

We’ll discuss everything from proofs and facts to techniques that you can use to get a natural facelift – among other benefits. Because yes, yoga face exercises have so many benefits, among which facelift is just one. 

Well-Being And Mindfulness

Good health, well-being, and mindfulness are key to getting healthy, glowy, and firm skin. Without these, the beautiful skin will only be skin deep and will not last either. Exercise and an active lifestyle are necessary for people of all ages; this is especially true as you enter your thirties. 

Regular exercise in conjunction with healthy and wholesome food will go a long way in improving your health as well as your skin healthiness. As you begin to age, sagging cheeks and skin should not be your only concern. Deteriorating mental health and cognitive functions are a real threat to old age. Once again, the cure for this is prevention above all else. 

As you reach your mid-twenties, it is best to start living your life as if you’re at the edge of 50. This means fixing your daily routine, additional self-care, exercise, and good food. Partying and being hungover the next morning are highly overrated. In fact, such a careless and unhealthy lifestyle has been glorified and romanticised by pop culture and mainstream media. People who don’t indulge in these habits and prefer a healthier lifestyle are portrayed as stuck-up and boring. It is up to you to believe these lies or to realize what’s beneficial to you and to follow that instead. 

At the same time, it is all too true that many of your friends will drift apart as they notice your change in lifestyle and lack of interest in parties and booze. That is not the end of everything; as you lose these friends, you find new friends who are more like you. While you cannot go back into the past and change what was, you can change what is to be. 

So for the young people reading this and looking to incorporate Yoga Facelift Exercises, this section is dedicated to you. 

Benefits Of Yoga Facelift Exercises

Yoga For Facelift has an immense amount of benefits, much the same as other yoga or exercise that you would do for your body. Healthy skin that is tight and radiant, along with a natural skin lift, is simply the skin-deep benefits of face yoga. Here are some of the benefits that you probably didn’t know about. 

  • Daily facial Yoga For Facelift involves massages that help to improve blood circulation around the face and neck. 
  • These massages can boost your lymphatic drainage and help release tension. 
  • This can further help prevent headaches and sinus issues and even improve sleep. 
  • It can help prevent or delay sagging muscles and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It can improve your mental health in more ways than one. The act of self-care with the exercise itself helps to improve mental health. 
  • Facial yoga can help improve nostril breathing, thus reducing snoring caused by breathing through the mouth.

Yoga For Facelift

The best yoga exercises for facelifts are varied according to the area you want to target. The cheeks, chin, and jaw are often the first places to droop and therefore require exercises. Here are a couple of exercises you can begin doing once or twice a day.

 Remember to be gentle and use massage oils or serums intended for the face. Begin with a face wash, and apply the oil or serum to the face and neck. Your hands should also be very clean before you begin. 

Workouts Before Sleep 

This is best done before sleep every day, or you can do it anytime when you feel stressed. 

  • Gently press the inner corner of your eyes for 30 seconds
  • After 30 seconds, circle gently in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for 30 seconds each. 

Neck Lifting

This neck-lifting massage is very good for your lymphatic drainage system. It can also help alleviate neck tension and reduce sagging. 

  • Tilt your head back and start with your fingers at the top of your neck. 
  • Use gentle pressure and massage down to your collarbone. Then, press your collarbone for a few seconds before removing your fingers. 
  • Do this for 30 seconds. 

Brow Massage

The brows are the first areas to show stress or tension on our faces. Minor changes in facial expression during stressful times begin with the forehead. So this massage can help relax the muscle. 

  • Begin with your fingers on the centre of your forehead and gently press in
  • As you press, move your fingers outwards towards your temples. 
  • Repeat this slowly and gently for 30 seconds. 

The Takeaway

Face yoga is a great exercise to provide a natural facelift and improve your health and reduce stress in general. All you need to remember is to follow these and take care of your well-being. With this, remember to be mindful and take life as is. It is what it is!

That said if you want a more hands-on lesson on how to lift tone and sculpt your face using yoga, head on over to Girls Nite Live for a lesson from a certified yoga coach. For just $9.99, you can learn from yoga coach and wellness advisor Sophia Ha herself! It is definitely easier to follow through with a video than to read through a massage.