May 21, 2024

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A guide to the configurations of Washdown U.S Motors

Food processing and other applications where motors are often subjected to washdown, specific chemicals, moisture, and humidity call for the usage of U.S. MOTORS® brand washdown duty motors. You get strength and adaptability to increase uptime and lower operating costs from them.  

U.S Motor Construction takes the following into account 

  • Frames and hardware made of stainless-steel help in preventing moisture-related corrosion. 
  • A large nameplate with laser etching makes it simple to read and less likely to collect dirt or food particles. 
  • A better level of efficiency and control is possible with adjustable frequency drives when using the Inverter GradeTM Insulation System. 
  • T-type drains make it unnecessary to remove plugs after installation and allow placement in any position. 
  • Connected driving components rust less often on 303 stainless steel shafts. 
  • Rotor and stator rust inhibitors offer further defense against corrosion. 
  • Long bearing life is ensured by double-contact sealed ball bearings and grease with moisture resistance. 
  • Lead exit holes with RTV seals block a main water entry point. 
  • The wiring system is protected from moisture and some chemicals by a waterproof nitrile gasket. 
  • Simple to read connection leads make wiring an easy task. 

Washdown U.S Motors are available in 

  • Horsepower: 1/4 – 15 HP 
  • Phases: Single and Three 
  • Enclosures: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) and 
  • Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) 
  • Efficiency Levels: Standard, Energy, and Premium Efficient 
  • Mounting: Rigid Base, C-Face Footed, C-Face Footless, and Yoke Mount 

Washdown motors under the U.S. MOTORS brand are approved to satisfy the criteria of the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards and are available in painted, paint-free, and all stainless steel (BISSC). 

Painted Washdown Motor 

The USDA-approved non-toxic white epoxy paint used on U.S. MOTORS® brand painted washdown motors offers protection and resistance to chemicals, humidity, and harsh conditions often seen in the food sector. 


  • 1/3 – 15 HP 
  • Single Phase, 1800 RPM (Rotations Per Minute); Three Phase, 3600, 1800, or 1200 RPM 
  • Stationary grease seal on both ends;  
  • The shaft end has a V-ring rotating lip seal;  
  • Withstand moisture and corrosion with 303 stainless steel shafts;  
  • There is moisture-resistant sealer on inner components, stator core end coils, stator bore, and rotor core; 
  • Double contact sealed ball bearings 
  • Double dip and bake windings 
  • Gasketed conduit box does not let the moisture enter your motor 
  • Condensation drains faster with the Condensation holes 
  • Footed, C-Face Footed, and C-Face Footless 

Stainless Steel Washdown Motor 

All stainless-steel components are used in the construction of stainless steel washdown motors that act against rust and corrosion. The laser-etched nameplate design has a smooth texture that prevents trapping impurities. 

Features include:  

  • 1/2 – 10 HP 
  • Three Phase, 3600 and 1800 RPM 
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) and Totally Enclosed Non-Vented (TENV) 
  • 303 stainless steel shafts 
  • Multiple stainless-steel T-type drains 
  • Double contact sealed ball bearings 
  • Nitrile gasket on conduit box to help keep water away from the internal components of the motor 
  • RTV-sealed lead exit 
  • VBBX®† Bearing Isolators by Inpro/Seal®† 
  • Inverter Grade™ Insulation System (meets NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ®† MG-1 part 31) 

Paint-Free Washdown Motor 

Paint-free washdown motors under the U.S. MOTORS® brand are offered in three phases, 1/2 to 10 HP, TEFC and TENV, 1800 and 1200 RPM, C-Face Footed, and Footless configurations. 

Paint-free washdown motors have been put through severe testing in a specially constructed test chamber where motors are exposed to  

  • caustic and acidic chemical sprays; 
  • 1500 PSI high-pressure, hot water; 
  • low-pressure, hot soapy water; 
  • and low-pressure rinses. 

An improved washdown motor was developed because of this research and is intended to reduce downtime caused by a motor failure in facilities that prepare food, beverages, or chemicals. 

Top Washdown U.S Motors  

Baking Industry Sanitation Standards are met by U.S. MOTORS washdown motors (BISSC). You need a motor built for your process and operating conditions if increasing uptime and lowering energy costs are your goals. The Washdown U.S. Motors are made to last both inside and out and comes in a range of horsepower and speed sizes.  

Due to shaft seals and waterproof characteristics, dirt, filth, and moisture cannot enter your motor. You can select from stainless steel versions, motors painted with USDA-approved, non-toxic white epoxy paint, or paint-free goods that function better in the presence of caustic chemicals and strong water pressure to prevent external corrosion. You will always get a high-quality, affordable food and beverage motor with the precise design features needed for your application. 

Painted washdown motors available through 15 HP 
  • V-ring rotating lip seal on the shaft end 
  • 303 stainless steel shafts 
  • Moisture-resistant sealer on interior components 
  • Gasketed conduit box to help prevent moisture from entering the motor 

SILVER BULLET® stainless steel washdown available through 10 HP 

  •  All stainless-steel external construction 
  • INPRO/SEAL®† VBS bearing isolator on the drive end 
  • INVERTER GRADE® insulation system (meets NEMA MG-1 Part 31) 
  • 303 stainless steel shafts 
  • Laser-etched nameplate 

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