March 4, 2024

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5 Tips from skilled and experienced smile dentists to select the right Invisalign provider

Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure. It straightens the misaligned teeth but does not make use of the conventional metal braces. Rather it relies upon a series of clear transparent aligner trays. These aligners are custom made to cover your teeth perfectly. The aligner trays then gently exert calculated pressure on the teeth. As a result of the pressure the teeth sink into correct alignment over time. Invisalign braces are made of clear transparent plastic. The trays are also easily removable. You can take the braces out any time and wear them back on your own. Because of the factors these braces are far less noticeable than the conventional metal braces. Traditional metal braces remain fixed to your teeth. Moreover they are supported by metal wires and brackets. Thus the traditional braces are very prominent and easily noticeable.

A large number of people are eager to improve their smile. But they think conventional fixed metal braces are their only option. Unlike its conventional counterpart Invisalign does not use any metal bracket or wire to support the braces. Thus there is nothing for your admirers to detract from your smile when you are on Invisalign journey. To cut a long story short Invisalign offers greater comfort to your teeth and aligns the teeth in half the time that traditional braces take. It is an easy, effective and discreet way to straighten the teeth. According to top specialists for invisalign in London this orthodontic treatment is equally suitable for both adults and teenagers.

Advantages that Invisalign offers over conventional braces

The cutting-edge teeth straightening technology in form of Invisalign offers a number of benefits over conventional metal braces. The advantages include the following –

  • These clear braces remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. People hardly notice these discreet braces on your teeth.
  • Compared to tradition braces Invisalign offers more precise movement of your teeth.
  • Unlike tradition braces Invisalign allows you to maintain optimum oral hygiene throughout the treatment period. You can brush and floss the teeth normally.
  • There is no dietary restriction whatsoever.
  • Invisalign brings you expected results faster than conventional braces.
  • It offers much greater overall comfort and convenience than traditional braces.


After you have decided to improve your smile through Invisalign it is important to search out the right provider. Whenever you are selecting a healthcare provider you should do sufficient research. Invisalign is no exception. Never should you go to the first name that Google shows in its search result. There are hundreds of Invisalign providers all over London. Therefore it is important to make your move with little caution and consideration.

Let us now explore few tried and tested tip that help choosing the right Invisalign provider easily.

Experience in handling cases

If a mechanic having the minimum experience in fixing automobiles works on the brakes of your car how would you feel? Of course you would not have an ‘out of the world’ feeling. The same goes for when you end up in front of a dentist who has limited knowledge of Invisalign. Thankfully with Invisalign you can easily know how many cases a provider has handled before. Invisalign ranks providers in categories starting from bronze to VIP. This ranking is thoroughly done based on the number of cases a provider has completed in a year. You can access this ranking on the Invisalign Doctor Locator, says a renowned provider of Invisalign in London.

Technology used

There are technologies that make the process of Invisalign treatment more streamlined for patients. Like there exist two ways to fit the trays – one is digital scan while the other is impression. Digital intraoral scanner that is used for digitally scanning your mouth takes 3D models and bites of your teeth. The overall procedure lasts hardly a few minutes. The models that the device takes are more accurate compared to conventional impression moulds. Thus your Invisalign trays fit on your teeth more perfectly. It also provides great comfort and convenience to patients. The Invisalign Doctor Locator also tells you which providers use advanced 3D imaging technology and who do not.

Online reviews matter

One good thing about Invisalign treatment is you can get every bit of your relevant information on the Internet. There is no need to ask friends and family for recommendations. After preparing an initial list of Invisalign providers you should rather go through their reviews carefully. These reviews are either available on Google or other reliable online directories like TrustPilot. Note the kind of feedbacks people have shared about your shortlisted providers. Remember if you come across one or two negative reviews on a provider that certainly does not mean a red flag. But if there are consistent negative reviews about a particular provider then it is better to omit him or her from your list.

Qualifications and certificates

There are times when qualifications and certifications of a dentist prove more important than anything else. Selecting an Invisalign provider is one such time. You must research on a provider’s degrees and qualifications to ensure the oral healthcare expert is qualified enough to fix misalignment issue with your teeth. When a dentist possesses specialised certifications to handle Invisalign cases it means the expert has not just jumped on the Invisalign bandwagon to make money.

Existing atmosphere in a clinic

When you walk into a provider’s practice for the first time how do you feel? Do you get a warm homely feeling? Do you sense these people really care about you as a patient? Or do you feel you are just a number to them. Any Invisalign treatment can last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. So it is important that as a patient you must feel comfortable with your provider. If you do not have that feeling of ease and comfort then receiving successful results at the end of the treatment may prove little difficult.

Choosing the right invisalign provider is not that easy. You have to invest your time and effort for it. But Smile Dentists in London suggest it is always worth the effort. When your oral health is at stake, then it is better that you should do the necessary spadework to ensure the right and quality treatment from your provider.