May 18, 2024

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5 Impressive Attractions in Newark

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Newark in New Jersey is a bountiful destination that can entice your tourists with its beauty and rich culture. You have heard of New York as the dream destination of most of us, but Spirit Airlines booking takes you to this underrated yet equally stunning destination, Newark.

It is a bustling city offering several attractions and activities to make your trip more memorable. The Brick City takes you to splendid places you should not miss on your journey to Newark.

Newark is hardly half an hour away from New Jersey and Manhattan by train. You can venture into various thrilling activities, from the busy downtown to the enclosed rock on Ferry Street. Plan your trip to this gem destination and feel the thrill.

Look around Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is on the south of the Passaic River and is among the prominent places in Newark. The lush green terrain is an oasis of natural beauty that will leave you awe-inspiring. The park is worth a gander, and you will feel peace and rejuvenating experience while strolling over the green grass and admiring its loveliness.

Riverfront Park is a popular picnic spot for locals and a gorgeous neighborhood of Newark, like ironbound. You can catch sight of various programs and events held on the park premises for visitors’ entertainment. You see many events such as Zumba, yoga, and running classes at Riverfront.

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New Jersey Performing Arts Center 

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) is a charismatic site to learn about the history of performing art. The museum organizes several live entertainment events, like standup comedy, dance, and piano music show for visitors.

You can enjoy extra benefits while booking tickets for the show by browsing their website. You can use the spirit manage booking website to book cheap flight tickets to Newark. The location of NJPAC is in Downtown Newark.

You may find it hard to locate parking at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, so leasing a car or taxi would be a good idea to avoid car parking hassle.

Travel around Newark Museum 

Newark Museum saw the light in 1909 as the biggest museum in New Jersey. Museum has seen many development and extension since its inception. The Tibetan gallery is popular in the museum and has an excellent compilation of Tibetan art.

The museum contains a Buddhist holy table hallowed by the Dalai Lama. Victoria Hall of Science exhibits a compilation of old and modern art.

The museum features a planetarium and has an extensive collection of over 70000+ specimens. Passengers can visit Spirit Airlines Reservations official website to get great deals and discounts on their flight tickets.

Newark Public Library 

Book lovers will admire to visit the Newark Public Library. The library has four stories containing millions of books, including many uncommon tabloids. Travelers who do not relish reading books can explore the magnificent architecture of the library.

The library, established in the early 18th century, is one of the most popular destinations in Newark. It is the primary headquarters of the library in the city. Moreover, the layout of the library is enthralling.

Apart from magnificent architecture and books, the library also arranges petite shows. These events comprise historical shows, academic events, and book studies. You can Newark at reasonable prices with Spirit Airlines flight booking and enjoy the shows.

New Jersey Historical Society

You can stroll the historical lanes of Newark and learn about its culture, golden past, and history at New Jersey Historical Society. The historical society is inside a fabulous Georgian-based building. The historical society contains two floors.

One floor has a reading room, a lecture auditorium, and a gift store, and the other floor has an exhibition room and a library. The society was established in 1845 by local inhabitants.

The motive was capturing and maintaining the province’s heritage. The New Jersey Historical Society authority also organizes guided tours of the museum. Moreover, it distributes a scholarly publication that examines the city’s long history. Explore this gem destination with Spirit airlines book a flight.

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