June 10, 2024

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10 Best Skills In Cyberpunk 2077 To Get In Breach Protocol


This is what you need to know to be a good netrunner. Everywhere you go in Night City, you can see the technological advances that Cyberpunk 2077 said would happen. Almost every person on the street has at least one eye implant, and half of them have cybernetic limbs. Your enemies have become more like machines than people. If you want to stay alive on the streets for more than a few hours, you can’t be tech-illiterate.

Maybe you want to be the next famous hacker who breaks into computer systems, spies on foreign dignitaries, and earns a respected codename on the internet. Or maybe you just need to cut some bonus items away. No matter what you want to do with breaching, these are the skills you should focus on because they make the most of every Cyberpunk 2077 skill point you spend.